Practical Information

Do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any question!

Our base and boats are on the island of Raiatea, located in the middle of the leeward islands, it takes 3 to 4 hours of leisure sailing to Bora Bora, which is a fabulous way to discover an island.

Sailing from Tahiti to Raiatea takes about 18 hours and there is extra cost for the repositionning of the boat.

It will be more convenient to take the short 40 minutes regular Air Tahiti flights from the main airport of Tahiti. The 5-minute transfers to and from Raiatea Airport and our home base at Apooiti marina are proposed. Whatever your arrival time, our team will be on hand to welcome you.

You may set off on your cruise on whichever day of the week you choose.

Pre-embarkation matters:

• By contract, rentals run from noon to noon on any day of the week from our home base at Raiatea.

• There will be a chart briefing before you set off during which we will go over details of sailing zones and the best moorings as well as the best beaches, restaurants along your chosen itinerary.

• Our team is very knowledgeable about sailing in our waters and will share their experience with you, giving you technical information on moorings as well as general advice about where you can catch the best sunsets, explore a coral garden, eat the best local food and take the most interesting excursions. You will also be briefed on the important subject of VHF radio frequencies.

• The briefing will also take you through the complete inventory on board so that your catamaran will hold no secrets for you.

• Practicalities of sailing will be explained and all sailing and other equipment will be verified and tested with you to make sure it is in perfect working order.

• Your catamaran is provided ready to sail, down to smallest detail. Fuel and water tanks are full. Sleeping quarters are prepared with sheets and fresh towels are there. Snorkel equipment is stored.

• If you have opted for the provisionning lists, goods will be delivered on board for you to check and pay.

Insurance and Deposits:

Our catamarans are insured with a deductible of 6 500 euros.

A reimbursable payment of this sum is required before you embark – payable also by credit card.

You may purchase a partial waiver by paying an extra 80 euros per night.

In that case, the deductible amount is reduced to:

  • 900 euros for the classic catamaran models
  • 2 500 euros for the “Grande croisière” catamaran models

The deductible is reimbursed at the end of your cruise according to the state of your yacht, less the cost of items missing or damaged.

Night time sailing:

Inter-island sailing at night is permitted under the responsibility of the person in charge. A discharge form will need to be signed. Tahiti Yacht Charter reserves the right to refuse night-time sailing.

Arrivals and departures at moorings are not permitted after nightfall.

Professional crew: the ultimate comfort!

If you wish to have a completely worry-free vacation, our experienced skippers, hostesses and cooks are available for you. They will provision your boat but also tell you tales about Polynesia, their Polynesia. They’ll share their favorite spots with you, the best dive places as well as their recipe for “poisson cru”, the local specialty of marinated fish.

All you’ll have to do is enjoy yourselves and discover the welcome charms of authentic Polynesia.

To contact us:

Feel free to contact us, should you have any question.

Tahiti Yacht Charter: PO Box 860 – 98735 Uturoa – Raiatea




Time difference:

  • 12 hours versus Europe in summer
  • 11 hours in winter