Protection measures COVID-19

« ‘Ia ora na e Maeva », Good morning and Welcome!


We are pleased to welcome local customers from today.

From July 15th 2020, we will be able to receive international customers in our islands, without quarantine.

Check out the terms of entry here:

For 30 years now, Tahiti Yacht Charter, specialist in private cruising in French Polynesia, has personalized its cruises according to the desires and profiles of its clients. This expertise of tailor-made know-how is today a considerable asset in the current context of COVID-19, where Tahiti Yacht Charter is particularly sensitive to the protection of its clients and its personnel.

Based on the protective measures recommended by health organizations and government authorities, Tahiti Yacht Charter readjusts its operational organization, from the welcoming of its clients to the cleaning of its boats.

Today more than ever, our goal is to offer our clients a memorable and secure cruise experience in an environment preserved from all mass tourism.

Before your cruise:

Between each cruise, an exceptional cleaning procedure will be carried out:

  • A first interior disinfection will be carried out before carrying out the complete cleaning of the boat
  • All interior surfaces will be disinfected with particular care on contact surfaces such as door handles, taps, switch buttons …
  • All exterior surfaces (deck, cushions, equipment, winch … as well as the dinghy) will also be disinfected
  • The linen (sheets, towels…) will be cleaned with a disinfectant bleach

On arrival and departure, embarkation / disembarkation:

Our customer team will welcome you with a warm « ‘Ia ora na » (hello) while respecting the rules of social distancing

  • For boarding / disembarking at Raiatea, Tahiti Yacht Charter offers already its clients a private transfer service between Raiatea airport and its base (5 min by car), and pre-book a private taxi on the other islands.
  • At the base, welcoming clients will now be done directly on their boat and access to the office will be limited to reduce the number of people in the room
  • The maps explanations and the technical briefing will take place in a dedicated and airy place as well as on the boat directly, and if necessary the rest of the crew will be invited to an outdoor and privatized relaxation area.
  • We invite clients to wear a mask and disinfect their hands regularly

During your cruise:

The lagoon will be your favorite playground! On board, we recommend that you respect the barrier gestures.

  • With a professional crew on board, they will receive masks and gloves for their personal use, and will take care to respect the rules of social distancing
  • A disinfectant suitable for interior surfaces will be provided on board
  • The masks and snorkels will be disinfected every day in a chlorinated bath
  • An information booklet is available on board including in particular the local emergency numbers, the number of our base, as well as all the health rules and precautions related to covid19
  • Outside the boat, on land, customers may be asked to wear their mask. We recommend that you disinfect your hands before getting off the boat and when boarding

The Tahiti Yacht Charter team:

All staff are aware of the importance of these new measures

  • Staff in contact with customers will wear a mask
  • A regular hand washing will be requested as well as a regular disinfection of the offices and the reception counter will be done between each client
  • Social distancing rules will be established, meal breaks will be shifted between service
  • The work will be reorganized and limited to two people per boat, one person working on the outside deck and one person inside. Special equipment will be imposed depending on the work (gloves, mask, disposable coverall)

French Polynesia is full of riches which we look forward to showing you, and we look forward to welcoming you soon on one of our boats!

« Mauruuru », thank you.

Tahiti Yacht Charter