First visit to Polynesia

Ia ora na, bonjour, hello and welcome

Organizing a trip to our destination can be complex, especially for first-timers. Take the worry away by using Tahiti Yacht Charter to assist you with your vacation plans, Tahiti Yacht Charter is able to advise you in the choice of islands to visit by cruise according to the good sense of navigation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us but in the meantime here are some answers to frequently-asked questions.
When is the best time to come?

Whenever you wish: we are lucky enough to enjoy a warm year-round tropical climate.
The air temperature averages 27°C/81°F and lagoon waters are around 26°C/79°F.
The hotter and more humid part of the year runs from mid-November to mid-March.
July and August are our busy high season and we advise you to make bookings well in advance for those months. The shoulder seasons – April, May and June and September, October are considered ideal months to visit.
How long should we stay and what should we do?

Given the interest of our destination and its distance, many of our visitors plan stays of 2 to 3 weeks. However, a yacht cruise is an ideal way of getting away from it all, even for a shorter stay. We do recommend a minimum stay in the islands of some 11 days.
To enjoy the multiple facets of Polynesia, a perfect combination is to spend a few nights in Tahiti and Moorea – in a top resort hotel or somewhere more modest – coupled with a cruise in the Leeward Islands (Raiatea – Huahine – Taha’a – Bora Bora), followed by a visit to the Tuamotu or another of the archipelagoes, in a hotel or in a family guest house, or a second cruise.
Some ideas for different durations:
• 12/13 days

Day 1: Arrive in Tahiti and first night in a hotel (often unavoidable due to the aircraft arrival time).
Days 2 to 4: Fly across to Moorea, Tahiti’s sister island, in just 10 minutes and stay 2 nights in a resort hotel or family guest house.
Days 4 to 11: Take a 40 minutes flight to Raiatea and join your cruise in the Leeward Islands – Raiatea – Huahine – Taha’a – Bora Bora.
Day 11: Fly back to Papeete on Tahiti. Your time in our capital can include a city tour, the colorful local market, a shopping expedition and dinner at a waterfront restaurant. Your flight will depart on Day 11 and you will reach your destination on Day 12 or Day 13, depending where you are heading to.
• Two weeks plus

Extend your 12/13 day itinerary by flying on, after you reach Bora Bora by boat, to one of the Tuamotu Islands – Rangiroa, Tikehau or Fakarava. You could spend 3 nights in a small family hotel before flying back to Papeete for your onward international flight.
• Three weeks plus

Another alternative is to extend your cruise by 4 days to add Maupiti, another exquisite member of the Leeward Islands. Then you would fly from Bora-Bora to the Tuamotu for time sailing around some of its famous atolls. Finally you would fly to the Marquesas Islands (Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa) where you would spend a week in a hotel or family guest house. This variation would give you a rich sample of the best that Polynesia has to offer.
How to get to Polynesia?

Frequent services to Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, are operated by our own Tahitian carrier, Air Tahiti Nui and by French national airline, Air France.

Air Calin, Air New Zealand, Hawaiian Airlines and Lan Chile also operate in our area.

Flights serve Los Angeles, Honolulu, Paris, Tokyo, Auckland, Sydney, Santiago via Easter Island and Noumea in New Caledonia.